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Situated in the extreme southwest of Europe, Portugal is characterized by its renowned hospitality, historical heritage and unrivaled cuisine. A country inextricably linked to the sea with over 800 kilometers of coastline and two archipelagos, authentic earthly havens, notorious for their climate and pure nature. A diversified country that offers unforgettable experiences. From cosmopolitan cities, a reflection of innovation and modernity, to historical centers full of tradition and memory, surrounded by serpentine tiled streets engulfed in traditional trade that flow into emblematic monuments. A country speckled with delightful towns where sumptuous palaces and castles, magnificent museums and monuments, iconic monasteries and sanctuaries, heavenly islands and lakes invite you to dream of ages past and share the cultural and patrimonial heritage of an ancient people enveloped in heartfelt character and seductive charm. In conclusion, Portugal is one of the few countries in the world capable of completely fulfilling your imagination and satisfying your desires.